About Us

Clmbxr members laid across the floor.

| Climber | (n.) Clmbxr
A community of Clmbxrs with different levels of experience, empowering each other through the sport of climbing.
Formed early 2019, by sports-enthusiast, explorer and trouble-maker Rotimi, as an alternative to his repetitive gym routine. Clmbxr has grown from a Whatsapp group to a community of over 100 exploring different climbing walls across London.
    We meet as a collective twice a week. 
     Current locations:
          -  Mondays @ VauxEast 7:30pm
          -  Saturdays @ Yonder 10:00am
Be you a mountain conqueror or trying climbing for the first time, Clmbxr caters for Clmbxrs of all abilities supporting you to reach your goal...with both hands!